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      Server: |dZp| Search & Destroy Server || ||
      Slots: 30
      Maps: Backlot, Broadcast, District, Crash, Crossfire, Strike, Vacant, Pipeline, Ambush, Winter Crash
      Score Limit: 12
      Location: France
      Status: ONLINE


      Server: |dZp| Team & Deathmatch Server || ||
      Slots: 30
      Maps: Backlot, District, Crash, Crossfire, Strike, Broadcast, Vacant, Ambush, Downpour, Bloc, Bog, Chinatown, Countdown, Overgrown, Showdown, Wet Work, Winter Crash
      Location: France
      Status: ONLINE

      Server: |dZp| TeamSpeak Server
      Slots: 25
      Location: France
      Status: ONLINE



  • |HzK| Karaaa. [GR ID: 2338848]
  • TNK*) [GR ID: 885331]
  • Uw ranaaaaaaaa [GR ID: 3076753]
  • pasha. [GR ID: 35189382]
  • n|1 BuLLeT [GR ID: 4530654]
  • uW#M00T` [GR ID: 3485950]
  • r.M| KeN* [GR ID: 3015871]
  • uW#Mersel [GR ID: 5250960]
  • ~TA~LAST SHADOW [GR ID: 644262]
  • Senior $ky [GR ID: 4819980]
  • uW#TuNy [GR ID: 3973648]
  • Jakovec12 [GR ID: 2703189]
  • uW#Spoon` [GR ID: 3187073]

  • Rule #1. No Grenade Laucher, Last Stand, Martyrdom or Juggernaut.

  • Rule #2. No RPG on People.

  • Rule #3. No HardCore Camping.

  • Rule #4. No recruiting for your clan, your server, or anything else.

  • Rule #5. No advertising or spamming of websites or servers.

  • Rule #6. Hacking will result in a permanent ban.

  • Rule #7. Our ping limit is 300.

  • Rule #8. Do not stay in the spectator zone for more then 5 minutes.

      Breaking one of the above rules once will result in a KICK. Second time will be a TEMPBAN! Hacking will immediately result in a BAN!

      If you got banned without any reason, feel free to make a post HERE