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 New Private dzp and friends only TS

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|dZp| Yeoldegod

|dZp| Yeoldegod

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PostSubject: New Private dzp and friends only TS Tue Oct 13, 2015 9:20 pm

OK guys firstly i would like to thank Madmax for allowing us to use his server for so long, but it was taken via a council vote that we needed our own private server this vote was taken at the request of 4 members who asked for it.

OK so to break down permissions and such...

Leaders/Co-Leaders/MasterAdmins/Serveradmins: will all have the main server admin status given to them to have control of the TS and are responsible for making sure all members and recruits are given the correct server rights as this will give them access to private parts of the |dZp| TS. You will all as always have full kick ban rights but i ask that this is not abused and no relabelling the channel names Razz

Members: You will be given the dzp server rights by the server admins, this gains you access to private parts of the TS (except staff meeting room). With this you have been given the rights to ban and kick guests to ensure that the server stays free of those that would try to ruin it.

Recruits: Recruits will be set as the dzp.r server group this gains them access to private parts of the TS to join our CW room, they will have it upgrade or removed as the application ends. They have no kick or ban options given.

Guests: friends of dzp are very welcome to use the public parts of dzp TS3 with you guys by all means i don't want nice guys to not come play with you all. they are left as guests and do not have access to private parts of dzp TS.

No passwords have been used it is all based on the persons given server rank which in turn is based on your rank here with us in |dZp|, We would like to stick to a basic functioning TS so no stars and shit will be added as it is a tool not something to make look pretty, i may well add some group icons but they are not deemed as something urgently required. NO PERSON WILL BE MADE A HIGHER RANK TO "HELP" MAKE TS BETTER!!

This TS will restart itself if it crashes if not i can access the server from anywhere in the world i might be so whatsapp me or PM me here.

Thanks for your time any suggestions may be entered below.



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PostSubject: Re: New Private dzp and friends only TS Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:34 am

Np, my ts will always be there if our new had some probs.


New Private dzp and friends only TS

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