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 READ BEFORE: How to Report An Admin.

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PostSubject: READ BEFORE: How to Report An Admin. Mon Nov 09, 2015 10:32 pm


If you believe you were banned or abused by an admin in our SnD or TDM server answer the following questions :

In-Game name:
Server(TDM,SnD,Mixed or PrivateWar):
GameRanger #ID(numbers):
Name and ID of Admin you are reporting?:
What happened with this admin?:
What do you think should be done?:

You need to provide us with some information or nothing can be done to improve your experiences in our servers

Admin Abuse can be anything like the following:

Warnings without reason:
Not doing anything about hackers or cheater or even childish insulting players
Rotating Maps at will or to their favourite maps

READ BEFORE: How to Report An Admin.

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