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 Gosu apply

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PostSubject: Gosu apply Wed Dec 20, 2017 4:36 am

Contact Information:

Real name: Matija

Age: 19

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

GameRanger #ID (Numbers): not sure haven't opened it in a while since i've been mostly playing cw's, public tournaments, and big Esl tournaments once in a year which last over 2 months each

GameTracker Profile (Optional):

Game Information: call of duty 4? Idk xd

In-Game Nickname: Gosu

Previous Nicknames: only known as Gosu
(you application may be affected if you hie previous names and we find out)

COD4 Experience (Years,best killstreak,...): started playing in november 2007 when the game was released, my first entered Esl tournament was in 2013 and been active in those tournaments ever since, also in top #3 sniper players in Esl adria since 2015

Do you have an original CD-Key (Yes/No): Yes

Are you used to play clan wars?: i just said that above xd

How many hours can you be online daily?: 3-5h daily

Do you play CS:GO?: nope

Personal Information: What to say about myself? Im 19 years old, finished school for a chef and working as a chef for the past 2 years, on my free time im either wasted from partying booze and weed or playing cod4 xd pretty much it

Why do you want to join |dZp|: dzp is oldschool clan been here since the begining and advance of clan's in cod 4 community and i never had the chance to apply since i was a hzk member for over 4 years, and before that i was mostly clanless and mixing for tournaments and cw's

What new things can you bring to our clan: i can show u some pretty badass and fun things that not most players wouldn't dare to do in some serious battles as cw's and shit xd

Previous clans and reason for leaving: as i said hzk 4+ years, it fell apart no one of old members is active in cod anymore so i decided to leave, started clan myself with trix and not much later we made a cw team called 420, but it soon fell apart
(your application may be affected if you hide previous clans)

Do you have TeamSpeak3?: yes but i prefer discord, don't you?

Additional information (Optional): nothing more i think xd
|dZp| Yeoldegod


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PostSubject: Re: Gosu apply Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:27 am

Unfortunately we are not currently recruiting or looking to ad to our squad. We have a policy of only recruit a certain number and integrating those players before thinking about adding more.

Thank you for your interest in joining |dZp| and when recruitment opens again you would be welcome to apply.




Gosu apply

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