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 Call of duty 5v5 Nightcup

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PostSubject: Call of duty 5v5 Nightcup Call of duty 5v5 Nightcup Icon_minitimeMon Apr 23, 2018 8:35 pm

Dear Cod4 Players!

For a very long time, we have not played a Call of Duty 4 Cup and therefore dZp has decided to host a 5v5 cup this weekend on Saturday the 28th of April. The cup will be hosted through Excello cups and the admins of the cup are trustworthy players of dZp who you can ask for help with the registration and also inform about the results.

The admins of this cup are:
- Safe     Gameranger ID: 6057781
- Layca   Gameranger ID: 5745119
- Flo       Gameranger ID: 847553
- Yeolde  Gameranger ID: 2084174

Sign up:
- Go to the website
- Register yourself, create your team and enter the main 5 players. You can have 1 back-up player in the line-up, so in total 6 players.
- After you have created the team, you can go to the tab on the top ‘’ Tournaments’’ and go to the search bar and enter ‘’ Call of Duty 5v5 Hardcore night cup’’.
- On that page click join, and you will be in the cup.

The Cup will start on the 28th of April at 18:00 Gmt+1. At 17:45 the brackets will be announced and you will be able to see who your apponent is on

Player rules:
- Original Keycode is not required.
- Demo recording is mandatory. (/record)
- Moss Required by all players, unless the game is played on 1.8 server.
- Any form of cheating (Wallhack, Aimbot, Deagle Macro, Scripts,  Elevator, Fullbright and) results in permanent ban from upcoming tournaments.
- 125/250 FPS allowed (333 is not allowed).
- Perks: 3x nades not allowed
- Juggernaut not allowed, Martyrdom, Last Stand or RPG

Map rules:
- Matches are played in BO1 MR12 format, last 2 teams in the final play 2 maps and a 3rd map incase of a draw.
- Server Version should be either 1.7/1.8, although 1.8 is recommended due to the low amount of cheats written on it. Teams can decide on the server before playing.
- Not showing up 10 minutes after match is announced results as 1-0.
- Insulting eachother in any inappropiate way results as 1-0.
- Map is decided through map-elimination.
- Map pool: Crash, Strike, Citystreets, Crossfire, Backlot and Vacant.
- After the war, teams need to make a screenshot and inform one of the admins about the results of the game.

If you have any questions about the cup or registration problems, please let us know!

Call of duty 5v5 Nightcup Safe111jpg

Call of duty 5v5 Nightcup

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