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 PhoeNix, who is that ?!

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PostSubject: PhoeNix, who is that ?! Sat May 05, 2018 5:02 am

Good evening old friends, I have stumbled upon GameRanger once again ! Even more since Tunngle is officially gone nowadays. Great to see some activity here ! How are the servers doing ? How's everyone doing ? is CoD4 on GameRanger still viable ? Many, many questions. I guess for a lot of the new faces that I've seen on the ROSTER it's gonna be hard to figure out who I am but perhaps the others can help you out Smile . It's great to see this clan hasn't died tho in the past couple of years from what I've seen and heard a lot of new clans were created and it's a hard time to keep up, everything is discovered now, from hosting to B3 to mods to anything at all so it's even harder to stand out ! I see that the pressure, the thirst for Clanwars is still well alive Smile I have played a lot recently on Retail servers and hackers are literally everywhere, tons of bans go out each week. Is GameRanger infected with this disease as well ? Anyhow, overall is awesome to see this 10 year + game still being played by so many people. Since the beginning of this year I've started to play this god awful Fortnite game and in my spare time I'd like to enjoy some CoD4 once again. Will I be a welcomed guest Smile ?

Hope you're having a blast out there, and remember, No one will ever be as drunk as JaBAA...


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PostSubject: Re: PhoeNix, who is that ?! Sat May 05, 2018 6:46 am

Hello, Phoenix glad to see that you are still okay, though you haven't check on us since alot.
ofc you are welcomed as a guest anytime feel free to meet us at ts3

|dZp| =*Kert*=

|dZp| =*Kert*=

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PostSubject: Re: PhoeNix, who is that ?! Sat May 05, 2018 6:46 am

PhoeNix* wrote:
  No one will ever be as drunk as JaBAA...

wait whaaat?!?

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PostSubject: Re: PhoeNix, who is that ?!


PhoeNix, who is that ?!

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