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 Where it all begun.

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PostSubject: Where it all begun. Tue Jul 30, 2013 5:11 am

Hey guys,

Just wanted to keep the forum active with some All-Round stuff. So i wondered with what game your gaming carreer has started. Smile

I'll start...

In 2004 a friend of my introduced Battlefield Vietnam (BFV) to me. After an half year of being a lone wolf, i finally was able to get in a dutch clan called Immortal Warriors (-=IW=-), This is where the clanning has all started for me. I was a clan member there for almost a year and gained lot of expierience about being part of a clan, and discovered lost of new things like servers, websites and being able to play as a team. So the leaders decided to promote me to Server Admin, a few weeks later even Co-Leader. Few months later the best clan on BFV called Quick Reaction Force (QRF) came to me and asked me to join their clan. It was an offer i couldn't reject so i decided to join this clan, which showed me the new expierience about playing Competative tournaments on ESL. We became number one clan. Smile.

3 years later, in 2007 a new game got introduced, Battlefield 2142 (BF 2142). Some friends i've met in QRF and me decided to expand the clan and created a sub clan in BF2142 called The Almighty Ones ([TA1]), we've got a server there, to attract some new people to the clan and started to play competative there to. I've been Playing this game for over 2 years as well for the same clan.

After this i've kinda got bored of gaming a bit, sometimes a little strategy game like AOE 2 but nothing more, so i gave up the clanning and started doing other stuff except of gaming Smile.

In 2010 the Gaming Spirit caught me again and i started expieriencing soome other stuff except of the battlefield server. So i gave COD4 a try with some of my friends (PiNo & Jupke) on the original servers, we've been playing there for a few months but we got bored of playing by ourselfs and wanted to try something else. later on we discovered GameRanger and decided to start up this clan, and trust me we had never expected it would became as big as it is now, but i've never regret a single moment about creating this clan, it's still the best expierience i've ever had and still having in my gaming carreer. Smile.


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PostSubject: Re: Where it all begun. Tue Jul 30, 2013 5:46 am

Wow mate.. it's really long long time you play and i like it when i read the things about you. I thought this is the first clan you make but now i now it all that you deserve to be a good leader and founder and i really thank you for share you story Very Happy  nice hard work all these years ...Well to be honest i start playing in gr and no other things under 2010 just studying and life things i even don't know any things about clans but the really thing is that this is the best clan i joined and really nice people in it....Surprised 

PostSubject: Re: Where it all begun. Tue Jul 30, 2013 5:55 am

So you heard that guys? We have a leader that played Battlefield only almost Very Happy

I remember the first days I joined back in 2011 I think or even 2010 ending,I'm not sure,when you didn't even know how to set up a dedicated server,then we introduced Manu-Admin-Mod and everyone stole it from us,about a year later came up with B3,at first we had a pathetic site like most of the clans have those days...and so on we can continue all night with it.I'm very happy to still be around here and even if it's nearly impossible I hope it will last forever,but a wise man once said,nothing lasts forever,let's make an exception guys Smile.

My gaming carreer stared with AoE2 probably..somewhere in 2002-2003 Razz.But speaking of Clan and stuff I can't actually remember my first clan but probably that was {UN} in CoD2,I didnt sit too much time there because there were lots of members and I was still young and kinda ignored.Then I kept moving form clan to clan as I expended from CoD2 to CoD4.My first very good clan from where I had basictly all my skills (in-game) and firiends and Manu-Admin-Mod was [GSC] or something like it,that was a great family for me,but again,it ended:P a thing I dont want to see from dZp.Then I found out about GameRanger in 2009 and I've been in ~TA~ and z][t and stuff,mostly z][t before I met you,and then I joined the server for the first time,and I still remember it Was Crash Map and hosted by HoeGy locally Very Happy And since that day..the story started..and look how years passed,yeah I have to agreee with you there mate, I didn't expect this clan to became so huge.

But Im proud of everyone and their hard work!!! And even If those days I'm not that active maybe and some new guys around here might think I thking im cool for nothing,I was here since the very first days of this clan,so I'm a the clouds Smile

Best Clan and Community Smile DEATH ZONE PLAYERS


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PostSubject: Re: Where it all begun. Tue Jul 30, 2013 6:27 am

Well, I'm afraid my gaming career wasn't quite the stuff of legend. Until a few years ago, I didn't even have a laptop, and when I did, it couldn't really do much.

I have always been keen on strategy, even learning to play chess with my grandpa at the age of 5, and it was the strategy genre that got me hooked. I first started with Age of Empires 2, and would spend ages training vast armies of longbowmen to cut down my foes. Sadly, my foes only consisted of NPC's.

Later on, in 2007, my friend introduced to me an MMORPG called Runescape, which you may have heard of (back when it was cool :p). I was called Mad x8, which was my first internet name, but later on, inherited my friend's account, Mad x9, after he quit.

I joined 3 clans in total on that game, and had some great moments playing Castle Wars, boss hunting, killing noobs in the wilderness etc. One of these clans was my own, Rangers-Only clan called Arctic Arrows, cutting down our rivals before they got anywhere near us. However, after a long while of leveling up my character, and after a long series of terrible updates brought on by the game developers, I had decided I had played long enough.

In 2010, I had gone through 3 laptops, none of which lasted more than 3 years. An associate of mine was selling his Macbook, built in late-2008, as he needed the money for the new Macbook Pro which was comming out, as he was having a baby, and it was his last chance to blow his money on something fun. I decided I would go for it, and didn't regret it, despite all the hate we Mac gamers get from PC-users Wink

After taking that brake from PC gaming (I still had a PS2), I rediscovered my old Age of Empires 2 CD, in an old dusty bookcase, and thus I was launched back into my gaming career! I soon discovered that there was an Age of Empires 3 out (I had been living in a cave till then).

After a short while, and soon discovered that COD4 came on macs as well, which would be my first FPS game (on PC of course, I was still familiar with games like Battlefront 2 on my PS2).

I started playing COD4 on cracked IP servers, and was such a noob that I didn't even have a mouse! These servers however were usualy overflowing with 50+ players, half of whom were using aimbots, while the other half were screaming at them to get the hell out. Nade spams, airstrikes, uber nade-spams, and hackers...and without a was hell!

After a couple of months, I discovered that Age of Empires 3 would work on multiplayer, if I downloaded some weird program called Game Ranger, and it was through this that I discovered, the GR community (which seemed like heaven at the time).

After these cracked servers, a 32 player TDM server seemed like a gentle picnic. One day I was hanging out on the |dZp| server, enjoying the company of some of the members. Eventually I decided I wanted to join this cool clan, and asked a player called |dZp| Nemesis (good ole nem) if I could join.

And so in late-2011, I joined the Death Zone Players, which has undoubtably been the best gaming experience I've had.

Now, I play CoD4 and Age of Empires, along with other 'good ol' games' that I can port over to my mac, such as Dawn of War, Battlefield 2, Ghost Recon, the Total War series, Mount and Blade... I was very sad that I had missed the Battlefield 2 era Wink


PostSubject: Re: Where it all begun. Tue Jul 30, 2013 6:40 am

Touching story Arctic,we always knew you had shitty PC or Laptop but you're still pro Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: Where it all begun. Tue Jul 30, 2013 8:30 am

nice story arctic Wink
ok time for me at first in 2005 wich i was hearing about a game coming called command and conquer generals i had an old pc i still have it that means its 8 years old but am using my laptop any way started playing CnC geneals alone after a while i discoverd crusader started playng crusader too

suddenly i saw some 1 buing cod4 from a cds store i sead i will give it a try cuz its not expensive here any game as lower than 1 $ all crakced any way played cod4 for the first time 2009 completed missions for 2 times Razz after that i we had some stores like big hall have pcs like 20 pc network and we can play together it was woah what is that !! somthin new for me played it as much as i can

after a while i was searching for a way to play crusader online i saw a vid on youtube learns how to play it on GR wich was new thing for me downloaded GR and discoverd that i can play cod4 online i tried to play suddenly discoverd i have to download patches for the game tthat days my speed was only 30 kbs i was very optimistec so i started downloading it took some days any way after finished

started playing in random cod4 servers one day in middles of 2010 i think i was playing in a tdm server it was for dZp was a noob somtimes i get a kick for using gl or ls i didnt know what does that mean started asking wth is gl or ls after understanding i was back to play in the server but i didnt know that dzp is a clan or pple recruiting and there is sites after 1 month i think i was thinking to be a dzp so i just changed my name i tagged up !! Very Happy i enterd the server wow evry 1 was crazy on me and they were warning me map was crossfire i think so i asked what will i do ? they told me i have to go to the site i enterd the site and regestird after 2 days i met a dear old friend raperman he was the 1 who recruited me he told me that i will be a dzp if i kill hem 50 times and we played shipment Very Happy he was a little suprised and he told me to tag up now it was the 2010 finals as a remember from that time entel now Smile i didnt join any other clan and i will not Smile

and i play cnc and crusader , bf2 , bfbc2 , assassins creed series , cs strike mw2 , mw3 , swat4 , there is more but i cant remember Razz

best wishes to DZP ^^



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PostSubject: Re: Where it all begun. Tue Jul 30, 2013 1:07 pm

My gaming career started in 2010 when I discovered GR. I was searching something that I could play cracked games online and have found GR. I started playing cod4 on different servers and then I met guy (Xuco) from my country who was dZp member. At that time dZp was new clan, it had only 3-4 month experience as a clan. I started to play on dZp servers. When Hoegy installed manu-admin mod on it, I become server admin because me and Xuco had same cd key and he was admin as well, so 2-3 weeks I was server admin but wasn't in clan :DHoegy let me to have admin rights. After a few weeks I see message from hoegy like this: " you can put clan tag on your name, welcome to clan mate". I was happy to be a member of dZp. This is my first and only clan, I won't leave it:D We had some problems during these 3 years but we survived as a clan and become more stronger than we were before. Thanks to all dZp members for their great job past, present and future!!!


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PostSubject: Re: Where it all begun.


Where it all begun.

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