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 A forum Suggestion.!

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A forum Suggestion.! Empty
PostSubject: A forum Suggestion.! A forum Suggestion.! Icon_minitimeMon Aug 12, 2013 3:30 pm

Hello everyone..

After seen the forum, i am a little bit confused with the categories, forum sections etc.. There are different forum categories in the same forum sections.. And also, a forum categorie contains two kind of talks.. introduction and public talk..

After thinking, i decided to suggest some new categories.. i do not demand them of course, i want to give some ideas and only!

So, the first section, can be called News .In this section, can be created at least two forum categories.. the Clan News and the Website & Servers News.

The second section, can be called General .. (or something like that). In this section, can be added all the general forums just like the Introductions, General Discussions, Technical Support and Help, Medias, Games & Gaming Discussions , Graphic Talk etc..

The third section can be called CoD4 Section .Here will be the servers discussions, like Hacker Reports and all the other forums that are needed for the servers.

The fourth section can be the Recruitment Section.. The Clan Recruitment and also can be created the sub-forums known as Accepted Members, Accepted Recruits and the Rejected Applys. And the reason for this, is the easiness to find threads of your choice!

The fifth section can be the War Section which contains the Challenging Forum and all the other war forums that are needed!

The sixth section can be the Suggestions ,just like this one here.. This section can contains two categories, this Clan Suggestions and the Website Suggestions..

The seventh section can be the Inactivity Forum .This forum can contains also two categories.. something like Inactivity for While and the Inactivity for Good .. or Temporary and Permanent ,or whatever Smile

And the last sections can be the private ones for the Clan Members.. the Clan Private Forum, the Clan Adminstration Forum and the Clan Leadership Discussion or whatever the Leadership and the Membership wants..

I hope i gave some suggestions, or ideas, and with your skills the clan can be better and better.. please only mature comments from the other guests :S

A forum Suggestion.!

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