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 HitmanFloYusi Tactics

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PostSubject: HitmanFloYusi Tactics HitmanFloYusi Tactics Icon_minitimeSat Sep 14, 2013 1:43 am

Hey all mates, Yusuf Hitman and me made a really nice tactic.
We made it on crossfire and it's called the CODEHOOK-PLAN.
There are three roles in this plan, ask any of us three if you want to know the tactic.
Hitmans role is #ROLE1
Yusufs role is #ROLE2
Flo's role is #ROLE3

Don't tell this tactic to other clans, just keep it in the clan.
If you want to know how this works ask any of us.


HitmanFloYusi Tactics Flosig11

HitmanFloYusi Tactics

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