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PostSubject: Reminder Reminder Icon_minitimeSun Mar 16, 2014 6:39 am

Just a reminder, after our last cw.

- Respect our opponents. Keep it fun. Don't insult them. End the war with a friendly "good game".

- If you see a hacker, DON'T start screaming out accusations. Tell your team in team chat, quietly, that you suspect someone is hacking.

- If you and your team know someone is hacking, keep playing. Do not leave.

I understand it can be quite frustrating sometimes, but if it gets to the point when I have to say Team Chat only, please do it next time. I know tempers can run short, which is why it is sometimes best to leave whoever is leading the team at the time to do the talking.

On another note, during every clan war, make sure you know who's leading it (the most senior member).

Reminder Arctic13


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