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PostSubject: EA GAMES Thu Mar 27, 2014 4:16 am

Hey guys.

I wanted to start here a free discussion about EA GAMES.

I personally think this is one of the worst companies , and I'll explain what happened to me over years so I can have a point.

#1. They shutdown old games. I was a daily Need for Speed : Most Wanted (2005) and Medal of Honor : Pacific Assault. Then suddenly , one day I joined and guess what , the entire server list was shut down. Great idea EA , really , superb. I'm happy there are programs like GameRanger or Tunngle and I can still play the old games that were shut down , once again I mention. Great job.

#2. They almost never listen their players. For a lot of games there have been different suggestions and only for a few of them they actually managed to make a little change. EA , we buy your games , you live cause we pay you , try to listen to us sometimes.

#3. Origin. This is one of the most retarded programs I've ever seen. You cannot change the language of the Market. So you'll view almost everything in the language belonging to your current country ( based on IP ). If you're in a country just for a while and you don't speak their language , well , bad luck for you!

#4. This is something that happened to me , I have bought Medal of Honor (2010). I registered it in-game using my EA account. I played and it worked. Then , for no reason , I checked my account in website and guess what , MoH wasn't there , furthermore , when I wanted to add the game it said that it's already registered on another account. GG&WP EA , again.

#5. Support time 5-10 mins ? I should have recorded yesterday when trying to fix MoH , I wanted over 30 minutes , meanwhile , my screen kept saying '' 5-10 min maximum ''.

And should I mention that you can steal games easily? I had to fix a not working Need For Speed. I had to give the CD-KEY and my account private question and that's all , they generated another code. What if , my friend buys a game , he tells me his cd-key and then I pretend that it's mine and I say it's stolen. Will this work ? Because honestly, if we look at how easily I got a code , I think it might actually work!

Origin , the old EA DOWNLOADER , for me personally , sucked in the first place causing a lot of lag in-game. Nice try to look like Steam , no way.
I personally prefer to use STEAM instead of this shitty program , and you should learn from how a BETA program looks like , it works smoother and it looks better , and I mention again , it's only BETA!

Shame on you EA GAMES , seriously.


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PostSubject: Re: EA GAMES Thu Mar 27, 2014 5:15 am

I dont have any knowledge about their online gaming until Battlefield 3 and 4 on PS3 and I have to say they were shit in the start and the 4 is still... I bought BF3 as used on gamestop (23 euros, new Premium edition (UNUSED) was 40 euros on sale) and i was shocked to hear that it has somekind off cd-key shit to play multiplayer and the new "cd-key" cost 10 euros, well when I first played the BF3 online it had been released for 2 years so they had pached it good in that time, but when I first played BF4 it was shit!! AND IT STILL IS!! The game it self is amazing but the engine and mechanics and the bloody netcode make you rage for not getting the kills and hits on enemy (for ex. I have hit many helis whit tank shots that usually are 1 kit KO but dont even get shitmarker...) The latest update was released last night and it fixed some shit but the fucking netcode issues are still there!

Enough for BF now, as Phoenix said about EA killing the older games I saw that too... I was whit friends house drinking beer and playing Need For Speed Underground 2 on PS2 when suddenly in the middle of the night the online race we were in got cut down we were like freeze? we reseted the PS2 and tryed to connect to online but the game says no servers found hosting was not unable too... But still in my oppinion EA makes good games but they just wont work as normal gamer wants them to and the response from the EA and now days DICE staff is so damn slow and the shit they do is not what ppl want from them.

No wonder that third party programs like gameranger support many of the killed official EA games but also the hacked/pirated ones so that ppl who dont buy games can enjoy the shit that they would have payed the over price that they have.

Beer is good, but beers are better.
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|dZp| =*Kert*=

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PostSubject: Re: EA GAMES Fri Mar 28, 2014 12:35 am

Ive played many EA Games. Usually I dont buy games Smile . But because im big fifa fan and i have played fifa about 15 years I decided to buy fifa 13 and now fifa 14 and I have to agree that origin is big bullshit and EA servers are warm furry horseshit.

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PostSubject: Re: EA GAMES



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