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  • You are 17 years old or over.

  • You can speak and understand English.

  • You have a microphone/headset and willing to use/install TeamSpeak on your computer.

  • You respect other players.

  • You respect admins for any choice they make.

  • You don't use insulting names, language, etc.

  • You will act mature in every situation.
  • You should visit the site on a regular base, for keeping up-to-date with the community.

  • You need to be active for at least 1-2 hours a day.

If you accept the above rules and still want to join our clan, you need to fill out the recruitment form below. You can do this by adding a new topic HERE, call the topic "Apply [YourName]", paste the recruitment form below in the message section and fill it out.

Each and every member of our team will have a chance to vote on your application , however the final decision is taken by Arctic or Yeoldegod.


Contact Information:

Real name:



GameRanger #ID (Numbers):

Steam ID:

Game Information:

In-Game Nickname:

Previous nicks(Your application may be affected if you hide previous names and we find out):

COD4 Experience:

Do you have an original CD-Key (Yes/No)?:

Are you used to playing clanwars?:

How many hours can you be online daily?:

What other games do you play?:

Personal Information:

How would you rate your English?:

Why do you want to join |dZp|?:

What new things can you bring to our clan?:

Previous clans and reason for leaving(Your application may be affected if you hide previous clans):

Do you have TeamSpeak3?:

Do you use Moss or Fraps? (Please Include a FULL moss file with this application. This Moss file must not be edited in any way [Edited moss = Rejected application]):

Additional information(optional):

If you are accepted as a member and if you wish to join our whatsapp group please contact a Admin or Leader. (Please be aware this is a busy group)